A fence with myriads of explanation, but one function

      This is Friendship Park. For me, this is not a place that would portray a genuine “friendship” between two nations. It is like moving into a new home next door to your neighbor and instead of sharing the yard between the two homes, you place a fence to ensure that they do […]

Sad, but True, the Rabbit Proof Fence Exist

The terrible truth encircling this movie is that it is based on a true story. It is intensely confusing and insane how the government would allow such a loop-hole to force Moodoo to stay in “probation” solely because his daughter still remains by the Moore River in which all other “half-caste” children are technically  ostracized from […]

Resurgence of Traditional Arts – Mike Wilken

Similar to previous discriminating movies and/or films that I have seen, Mike Wilken illuminated the revival of traditional artistry due to the dedication of Baja California’s artisans and environmental specialists. They found great value in the expertise from generations before that could be utilized nationally today. Due to the history of acquisition for the ancient […]