Diego Rivera: I…

Diego Rivera: Is fidelity that important to you?
Frida Kahlo: Loyalty is important to me. Can you be loyal?

This is an interesting quote in which Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo spoke in the movie, Frida. As a strong Spanish artist, I believe this portrays an intense display of value in which she overlooks Diego infidelity and differentiates that loyalty to her is much more important. Although everyone knew of Diego’s womanizing attribute, Frida stated that loyalty is much more precious because at the end of the day, he will return to her side and that he will attempt to avoid hurting her by lying to her. 


Throughout the movie, Frida went through great turmoil to overcome the infidelity of Diego and luckily, ended her time with him by her side as he yearned for her after the incident in which Frida slept with Leon Trotsky. Her greatest comeback from that scene was “…I married you anyway. And, you promised to be loyal. You have been my comrade, my fellow artist… my best friend. But you’ve never been my husband.” 


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