Mi Familia

This was such a wonderful and traditional movie about the life struggles and success of being an immigrant in the United States. This movie definitely depicts an aspect of the immigrant life well. It was a mentally gratifying movie that really made me think of how hard it is for the immigrants to get to America, and the oncoming difficulties of staying in the country. As an American, we are not quite the “land of the free” as we promote. We allowed them to come over and then can change our mind and say that they are terrorizing our country. If we hadn’t made them feel inferior, they would not have the need to form a facade in which they are stubborn and are hardworking which leads to the misconception that they are stealing American jobs. Unlike the typical American movies or stories that glorify the American life, this depicts another cultural aspect from a Hispanic point of view of what it means to be an American. As a native-born, but of a different heritage, I can almost understand how it feels to be in a situation in which your race is discriminated against due to the generalization of negative stereotypes or prejudices that are applied to our race. It was simply rewarding to see that the family was finally able to live in peace and situate themselves well after their constant battle to keep their family together while facing the relentless government laws.


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