The Visitor


The was an enlightening movie in which the gentleman, Walter Vale struggles to live life after the passing of his spouse. She was a classical pianist, which made Walter interested in music in order to reconnect with her again. However, he struggled so much with piano, that when he was forced to go to a conference in New York, he met a wonderful Syrian man by the name of Tarek Khalil. His love to play their cultural drum intrigued Walter to try it. He found great enjoyment in playing and bobbing his head to the beat. This movie is a great exhibition of the cross-cultural interaction between people through music. It was uplifting for both the characters and audiences because meaningful relationships were made. This movie also gave a powerful presentation of the immigration department in the United States and its standardized structure does not give room to adjust to each situation for the individual. It was heart breaking to see that some workers are unresponsive to the cry for help from friends, families, and/or acquaintances. This definitely challenges the audience to rethink the role of the immigration department and the overall issue with immigration.


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