Mike Wilken’s Cultural Revitalization Presentation

Mike Wilken’s presentation is quite inspirational and special because a Kumeyaay student from our class was able to connect and share of his culture, which made it seem as if there were two guest speakers present. Wilken’s lectured and presented the life history of the Kumeyaay culture and how they struggled and lived before and after European settlements.

It is truly amazing how people are able to live with nature without taking any excess as they share it with other creatures. This is definitely a contrasting characteristics of the Kumeyaay culture and the American culture in which we continue to live materialistically and produce more than we need. Unlike the Kumeyaays, we will not be able to carry our possessions in order to move according to the seasons. Instead, we would manipulate the landscape to accommodate our standard of living along with our attachment to material things that we “need.”

I am grateful that the Kumeyaay is still around and making amazing, hand-woven baskets and pottery. Luckily, there are still some people in our society that care about the history of this land and the people who were here before industrialization happened.

However, I think it is terrible how their people are discriminating against their own kind because they aren’t “pure-blooded.” To be honest, since history has taken a toll on their civilization, it is hard to have a clean lineage of only their genes going through to the next generation, otherwise, it may result in incest practices and that is that not beneficial to their people in the long run. I hope they would open up to allow some variation in their peoples’ blood and simply keep their culture alive by teaching the next generation the importance of it.


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