Sad, but True, the Rabbit Proof Fence Exist


The terrible truth encircling this movie is that it is based on a true story.

It is intensely confusing and insane how the government would allow such a loop-hole to force Moodoo to stay in “probation” solely because his daughter still remains by the Moore River in which all other “half-caste” children are technically  ostracized from the world. Also, as crazily as it was, Mr. Neville, the “legal guardian” for the Aborigines continues to gain support for his action by only presenting to women, which is biased because they would most likely think on their emotions and believe that what he is doing is for the best of the children.

However, Molly Craig is amazingly strong, intelligent, and brave to attempt an escape along with her cousin and sister, Gracie Fields, and Daisy Kadibil (whom I believe is super adorable). It was extremely cruel for the Mr. Neville to trick Gracie to stray from the group and hope to look for her mother. It is unfortunate that the ultimate ending for Gracie is a short life, held in captivity in the “dormitory” at Moore River. As for Molly and Daisy, they had children but were caught once again and taken back to Moore River; however, Molly’s daughter, Annabelle was taken at the age of three and not seen again.

I believe that if the people from the saw the torment of the family and children to suffer from separation, then there might have been some hope for the Aborigines to not have to endure the Aborigines Act forced upon their people. Sadly and luckily, it began in 1931 and ended in 1970. Though it was unfortunate for the individuals who suffered during that time, there is a better future for the next generation even though they are now called the “Stolen Generation” due to the affects of the Aborigines Act that took away their “half-caste” children.


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