A fence with myriads of explanation, but one function





This is Friendship Park. For me, this is not a place that would portray a genuine “friendship” between two nations. It is like moving into a new home next door to your neighbor and instead of sharing the yard between the two homes, you place a fence to ensure that they do not cross the line. Not quite inviting anymore especially since you did not inhabit that area first.Image

This is quite an interesting piece that really challenges one’s perspective. This piece is called “Just a Fence” simply because the agent by the Vista said that “now the border’s just a fence.” Sadly, if it was just a fence, then perhaps it could be taken down because it is an obstruction to our space and view. Of course, the passive individuals of the state may let it slide because it the construction of the fence did involve finances, time, and labor; therefore, some may justify that it is a “waste.”


This is an awesome piece that reached out to me the most. It is called “The View.” An agent guarding the fence said that he loves “the view” to which the photographer, Kendra Dyanne Rivera peeped through and noticed the view. It enlightened a new perspective for all to see that we limit the beauty that could be enjoyed by everyone by setting up these fences. Something as natural as the view beyond the fence should not be limited to a few especially if we are “the land of the free.”

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