Interestingly, I have seen this movie before. It is great to see it again because it really challenges a person’s perspective of how one may perceive trash and also see beauty from it. The artist, Vik Muniz truly captured this image of how one could change their perspective in life when they can mix art into it. There are many factors that may stop a person from achieving this feat such as their concern for their personal health that may be damaged from the landfill environment; but this did not stop Vik Muniz from accomplishing his goal. If another human being is able to live and work in such an environment, then we all can too.


Vik Muniz’s action really opened my eyes to appreciating the workers in the landfill instead of simply feeling sorry for them. It is definitely enlightening to know an individual can find enjoyment from such a place. This reveals how spoil we can be sometimes to have so much when others have so little, but find happiness in everything that passes by them.


I am so happy that their work of art was able to be sold. I think that at that moment, it made life so much more beautiful for all the workers in the landfill. Instead of always being ashamed of their profession, they can turn the derogative perspective of this type of work by making something beautiful that others can see and possibly experience.


It is difficult to explain my emotions pertaining to this documentary, but I can at least say that it is a touching story that I believe can change the world by touching other lives in this world.

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