This was an interesting movie which revealed a completely different perspective of “krumping” and “clowning” because I did have a bias towards it before. Although I enjoy hip hop dance forms, I did not understand “krumping” and especially “clowning” which is a completely new world to me. Hip hop, from my perspective, correlates organized movements with the song which places more emphasis on the emotion of the words; thus, giving it more purpose. On the other hand, “krumping” are random fierce and pushy movements that displays aggression. The purpose of this type of dance form is for the dancer themselves to release their anger and anxiety through art versus violence against others. Similarly, “clowning” is less aggressive than “krumping” in which it allows the dancer themselves to be disguised behind the clown face-paintings and dance without being sexual and touching other, but with some aspect of a stripper dance at times.

The origin of clowning is fairly interesting to me in which the person who started this dance movement was a gentleman, by the name of Tommy, who was a “ghetto celebrity” in 1992 after having been released from jail for drug dealing. His time in jail changed his perspective in life to change his life goal to be an entertainer by making people smile and helping himself and others to channel their negative energy through something positive by “clowning.” He said if it weren’t for clowning, that he and others would have been “shot, killed” or sent to “jail.”

Many young dancers that followed Tommy’s way of “clowning” said that if they weren’t clowning, they would be in so much trouble.

Perhaps, being a more positive and optimistic person, I cannot understand “krumping” or “clowning” well, but I believe that if it helps others to channel their energy in a more positive way, then I do support this dance form and hope that others will choose to follow this path. Although there are competitions for these dance forms, I hope that they do not lose sight of the importance of its purpose and duty.


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