The San Diego American Indian Film Festival: Chasing Shakespeare


I am glad I went to this event because it was an interesting movie. It has an unexpected mixture of comedy and culture. I enjoyed watching the Native American’s spirituality. Sadly, the plot of the story may have been true in which the Native Americans are discriminated against by the restraints that the theatre industry placed on their cast members. The problem that I can see from their response is that the only reason why the audience may have preferred a typical, Caucasian cast member is the fact that they were the only ones chosen and given more priority to. If the production allowed for a change, then it can be part of the norm to have individuals in other cultures become a part of the team of actors and actresses. It was also pretty neat to have met the two main characters in the movie at the end. Although I was unable to speak with them, I appreciate their presence by making time to speak to the audience to answer questions and share their views.

Before the movie started, we did see two short clips in which there was a parody that reveals the problem in the Native Americans have to deal with the pollution in their waters and with the available resources that lead to drugs. Interestingly, I have a few classmates in my sociology class that are researching the effects of the pollution in the areas in which the Native Americans reside.

The other short film was about the struggles during the time of the Gold Rush in which the Native American women were kidnapped and were forced into prostitution. As a result, they would have children that are half Native American and Caucasian which leads to the rejection of the child by both races.

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