I am not a fan of folk music, but this movie has definitely been eye-opening because it reveals a perspective of this genre that I did not think about. Similar to nursery rhymes such as “London Bridge” and “Ring Around the Rosy,” folk music encompasses history within itself and allows many individuals to create their own tunes in order to share their struggles and turmoils through songs. Due to the uniqueness of each song, it is hard to find them and to also pass it on to the next generation if there were to be a catastrophe. Therefore, it IS important to have music doctors like Lily Penleric to gather these songs for the people. As a movie, it was quite comical, romantic, grim and serious at times. It was interesting to see the dramatic changes from one dynamic to another. It has been eye opening to see this film because it provides a gateway for the reader on one end of the book to peek into the world musicologists and their struggles to collect different pieces of music.


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