Billy Elliot



This was a great inspirational movie for young dancers whose family do not approve of dancing. The movie revealed that dance has been skewed to be quite sexist and especially leaning towards feminism. Also, during the time of the movie, Billy’s father and brother are on a coal miner’s strike, which made life difficult for the entire family. Without the presence of the mother in the family, everyone had to accommodate to find what is best for Billy and his grandmother. It was a rough start in the movie, the love started to rise onto the surface as the father finally realizes Billy’s potential for ballet and decides to put all his effort into making money to pay for Billy’s trip to the ballet school for the audition. His father even decided to go against his values against the coal miner’s strike in order to make any sort of income to support his son. It was also quite impressive that the movie ended with the famous piece, Swan Lake.


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