The Year of Living Dangerously



Dated during the 1960’s time period in Australia, this movie revealed quite a perspective in which the reporters are struggling to be heard and needing to report on topics that may put their life in danger. As the viewer, it seems quite terrifying to see the Hollywood truth in which the conditions of Indonesia during that time period. It is saddening to see the conditions in which the people were living in due to military corruptions and conflicts. According to my background knowledge from humanities and religious, Hinduism came into play in the scene of the wayang puppetry when Billy was telling the story about Krishna and how the prince was foretelling Guy’s role and the princess who represents Jill. In comparison to the progress of the movie, Billy became more apparent are the mastermind or puppeteer as Krishna who would represent the justice found when one is finally at peace. Thus, the scene in which Billy became the martyr for the people in response to the death of the child he was caring for along with the mother, represents his piece when he was finally able to attain it by standing up for justice. It was an eye opening movie which opens the door for the viewers to see the other side of the world that is filled with misfortune.


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