11 Ways To Be Sexier In 60 Seconds

LOVE THIS! To all the single individuals out there, this is definitely a great confident boost to upscale your sex-appeal. Why not? (:

Thought Catalog

1. Feel Confident. It may seem like a cliché to some, but feeling confident is the fastest way to unlock your inner sex god. There’s nothing sexy about someone who is sad and mopey, who complains all the time and seems like they’re never having fun. When you feel confident you perk up, you stand up taller, you’re assertive. Even in our most unconfident moments, there are all sorts of micro moments where we feel sexy. So when was the last time you felt super confident? Replay that moment in your head as much as you need.

2. Practice Yoga. Yoga makes you feel confident because it is about focusing on you. You build stamina, tone your muscles, become aware of your body. And you get to wear skin tight clothes that make your body look amazing. Downward facing dog, anyone?

3. Go For That Disheveled Look. I like a…

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