I Wish You Would Write Me Letters

Personally, I love receiving materialized things like letters. I don’t care too much about other things like my date or significant other wanting to buy me expensive gadgets or clothes. I am a woman & I know I can provide that for myself. Although, if he does prefer to see me in something, sure. But ultimately in a relationship for me, we start getting too comfortable & forget to talk to our special person with depth in our conversations. Life is busy & we always feel like we’re running out of time at the end of the day. However, in a healthy relationship, we should definitely start making time for them, whether it is visiting them with some nice, fresh picked flowers or simply, a letter. It is “old-fashioned” & it is snail mail, so it takes forever to get to the person, but the fact that you sat down to think about what you are putting on that paper makes it all the more special instead of sending a short text message saying “I love you”. I am not saying that the person shouldn’t send those types of message, but give it more depth. Remind your lover WHY you love them & WHAT exactly you feel. Your love will grow deeper that way & allow the other person to grow with you without thinking, “they only love me for doing this & not for being who I am” or so and so. Instead of being labeled “old-fashioned”, letters should be one of the “special” ways of communication to people that are important & dear to you. Of course there is postage involve & a bit more effort, but it is all worth it because they would feel more of worth to you too. You can make someone’s day all the more special if you did just that.

Just a thought. =D

Thought Catalog

I wish you would write to me. I wish one day I would come home and there it would be, a battered envelope with my address and my name and your scrawl and a blot on the back where you dropped a slice of pizza. I wish that under all the mounds and mounds of bills and circulars, there would be your letter and it would be worth digging through reminders about responsibility and materialism just so I could touch the envelope. I would see the stamps you accidentally glued upside-down. I would see the tape holding the envelope shut.

I wish you would tell me about your day in chicken scratch on refill paper. I wish you wrote it out in painful detail and awful description filling three pages. You would write about things that made you laugh and it would make me laugh and over the length of…

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