The First Guy You Like After A Break Up

WOW! This is definitely eye-opening because I’m always telling myself I cannot date a guy after a break-up yet because no matter how amazingly, wonderful he is, he is a rebound. However, I suppose that after a certain amount of time to subside my emotions for an ex, I can finally start over again, as frightening as it sounds because it has been so long, but I suppose, the best part of dating is taking that risk & finding that special someone that was worth it. It simply requires you to be more brave & take that risk. As long as you have an established support system, you should be fine. ❤

Thought Catalog

His name is Alex and he’ll be tall with brown eyes, messy hair and you’ll think everything he does is adorable. You’ll love the way he chews his food or the way he dresses or the way he looks at you from across the table. You’ll bite your lower lip and try to seduce him with your eyes, trying to tell him “I like you so much” without actually saying the words out loud. At this stage of your crush, one look conveys a thousand words.

You’ll know your feelings for this guy are genuine — that he’s not simply a rebound — because a rebound is someone you run to just so you don’t have to sleep alone at night. A rebound might be someone you don’t even care about all that much, just a dick attached to a body. But your relationship history should tell you that a…

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