You Already Have All The Time You Need (You Just Need To Make Use Of It)

You can never have enough time, so make use and prioritize your time to make it worth it every single day.

Thought Catalog

As a college student, I spend a lot time around very stressed, very sleep deprived individuals. Nearly every day I hear people complaining,”I wish I had more time!” or “There’s not enough time!” or “If I just had one more day or hour or even half an hour!”

But here’s the catch: you don’t have more time. And unlike your parents who will eventually give in to your complaints, time is just relentless. Or perhaps a better way to phrase that is: time will go on despite your protests. Often we categorize time as the enemy. As an unwavering barrier that blocks us from accomplishing all of our dreams and goals. But time is not an enemy here. In fact, there really is no enemy.

My old biology teacher used to say that instead of looking at tests as points you can lose for getting a question wrong, look at…

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